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frequently asked questions

Genova’s To Go offers a delightful array of Italian cuisine. Our menu features homemade pizza with various toppings, sub sandwiches filled with sliced meats and veggies, jumbo wings, and more. The team takes pride in crafting authentic flavors, including low-acidic, fresh roasted tomato and basil sauces. Whether you’re craving a cheesy slice of pizza or a hearty sub, Genova’s To Go has you covered!

Yes, you can place advance orders at Genova’s To Go! Whether you’re craving their homemade pizza, sub sandwiches, or jumbo wings, you can conveniently schedule your order ahead of time. Simply order on the website via the menu to select your favorites, or by the Genova’s To Go app. For next day orders please call the location nearest you.

Should you encounter any issues with your order from Genova’s To Go, here’s what to do. Reach out to the  Genova’s To Go location you purchased the order from to address concerns or seek assistance. You may contact us through our website as well. We highly value customer feedback and are committed to enhancing their service. Additionally, consider leaving a review to share your experience.

To contact Genova’s To Go, visit the Contact Us page and share your order experience or leave feedback. Alternatively, you can call any of the Genova’s To go stores below: