Genovas To Go

Careers Oct 2023

Join The Genova's To Go Team

  • Opportunity to work at an award-winning pizza place
  • Flexible hours and all shifts available
  • Serve a wide customer base in multiple locations
  • Gain valuable experience in various departments
  • Enjoy making delicious pizza, subs, and more
  • Opportunity for a fulfilling career in the food industry
  • Competitive wages and benefit packages
Genova's To Go team memembers

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Genova's To Go front end worker.

Front of House &

Gain valuable customer service experience and an appreciation for the importance of providing quality food services. You will help prepare Genova's to Go orders, ensure accuracy, and work closely with the team to ensure the store runs smoothly.

Genova's To Go back end worker.

Back of House

Effectively manage and delegate tasks in a busy kitchen environment. Develop your problem-solving skills by quickly acting and making decisions on the spot. Moreover, work with different types of people and develop better communication skills with coworkers.

Genova's To Go managers.


A career in management at Genova's to Go will teach you so much about what it takes to run a successful business. Additionally, you'll learn how important customer service and a welcoming atmosphere can be for a business to succeed.

Life at Genova's To Go

  • Genova’s To Go believes in maintaining the highest standards of quality and value.
  • The restaurant is committed to making customers feel special and satisfied.
  • The team at Genova’s To Go is comprised of dedicated individuals who share the same beliefs and values.
  • The restaurant offers fast-paced and enjoyable work environment. 
  • There is ample opportunity for personal and professional growth within the organization. 
  • Genova’s To Go is a family owned business that focuses on fine Italian dining and pizza delivery. 
  • The restaurant takes pride in providing delicious food to a wide customer base. 

Award Winning Company

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Best of Carroll County Times Winner 2022.
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"Genova's To Go is such a great place to work ......"
John Doe

Join a Rockstar Team

Genova’s To Go takes pride in its diverse workforce, providing employees with opportunities to collaborate with individuals from different backgrounds and cultures, thereby establishing an inclusive and enriching work environment. The company promotes a close-knit atmosphere, valuing and treating employees as integral members of the team. This approach cultivates a warm and inviting workplace where team members support and look out for each other, resulting in a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie that makes Genova’s To Go a comfortable and welcoming place.

Genova's To Go caterer.

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