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Discover The Best Pizza and Other Delicious Italian Dishes in Hampstead, MD

Since 1978, exceptional service and homemade meals have been delivered and served to the vibrant community of Hampstead. The Italian restaurant is quickly becoming popular as more people seek dining options and the best pizza places to eat at. Genova’s To Go is the perfect pizza place for family and friends, and for tasty homemade Italian food. 

Popular menu items include Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Veggie Lover’s Pizza, Cheeseburger Sub, Chicken Cheesesteak Sub, Mac and Cheese Bites, Mozzarella Sticks, Sicilian Rice Balls, and more. In addition, our Hampstead location provides options for catering services, take-out, delivery, and quick dining .  

Come visit us at our Hampstead location or give us a call to place your order. You can also search our online menu by using the Genova’s To Go app! 

Genova's To Go Hampstead location.
Genova's To Go home page including the Italian restaurants awards like Voted Carroll County's Best.


A delicious buffalo chicken pizza from Genova's To Go, with cheese and sauce on a white surface.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

A tasty combination of grilled chicken, zesty Buffalo sauce, creamy ranch dressing, and melted mozzarella cheese. Get ready to savor the perfect blend of tangy and spicy.

Tomato basil pizza from Genova's To Go, topped with cheese and tomatoes on a white surface.

Veggie Lover’s Pizza

The Veggie Lover's Pizza is a delicious option for those seeking a healthier choice. It not only tastes great, but it also aligns with the growing trend of mindful eating habits. It comes with onions, green peppers, mushrooms, black olives, and broccoli. Experience a great meal that aligns with your wellness goals.

Fried chicken tenders from Genova's To Go served with a side of ketchup. A delicious and satisfying meal!

Chicken Tenders

Treat yourself to six juicy chicken strips served with your choice of delicious dipping sauce - tangy BBQ or sweet honey mustard. Enhance your dining experience with this popular appetizer.

Delicious cheeseburger sub from Genova's To Go, featuring two juicy hamburgers on a plate.

Cheeseburger Sub

Indulge in a juicy, flame-grilled pound of ground beef topped with gooey American cheese and your choice of mouth-watering toppings. For an extra flavor punch, add bacon to your half sub for just $1.79 or your whole sub for $3.29. Enhance your taste experience with our irresistible cheeseburger sub.

A mouthwatering chicken cheesesteak sandwich on a plate - Genova's To Go's specialty!

Chicken Cheesesteak Sub

The Chicken Cheesesteak Sub is one of the most popular items to satisfy your cravings. Sink your teeth into our Chicken Cheesesteak Sub, featuring tender chopped chicken, melted American cheese, and your selection of irresistible toppings.

Eight mac and cheese bites filled with creamy cheddar cheese and macaroni from Genova's To Go.

Mac and Cheese Bites

Treat yourself to this irresistible snack! Indulge in eight crispy wedges of deep-fried macaroni and a luscious blend of creamy cheddar cheese, expertly cooked to golden-brown perfection.

Plate of Genova's To Go mozzarella sticks with a savory sauce, perfect for a delicious snack.

Mozzarella Sticks

Enjoy six delicious mozzarella sticks with a coast of crispy batter and expertly deep-fried to a golden-brown hue. Our mozzarella sticks come with a side of tangy tomato sauce for the perfect flavor pairing.

Sicilian rice balls, crispy fried chicken goodness, and a tangy sauce all in one plate!

Sicilian Rice Balls

Savor the flavor of 8 bite-size, deep-fried arancini rice balls. The rice balls have a fill of juicy ground beef, zesty sauce, wholesome peas, and melty mozzarella cheese. Each plump ball is bursting with deliciousness.

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Genova's To Go
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LJ8 SportsLJ8 Sports
16:30 09 Aug 23
Great pizza
00:50 01 Jul 23
Connie KlineConnie Kline
18:36 27 Jun 23
Lauren HornerLauren Horner
22:50 19 Jun 23
Love the food but was a little disappointed about this delivery. Between the pizza and other food, it was clear our order took a spill prior to its arrival.
Brian KellyBrian Kelly
18:11 21 May 23
Manager here hates me always thinks I’m complaining about something when my food is wrong my dad complain about it not me I’m tired of people always thinking I’m the bad one in life I did not complain about the food I love the poeple and food here just get tired of them accusing me when it’s my father complaining I don’t deserve this disrespect I did not complain about anything it’s not right
Jessica MaxwellJessica Maxwell
18:51 02 May 23
The location closest to my work burnt down. We were all devastated. However we need our Genovas, so we travel up the road to hit the second closest location in Hampstead. It's our favorite. We love the food from the salads, appetizers, pizza and subs. Keep up the great work
Phyllis MackertPhyllis Mackert
17:29 26 Apr 23
Love their pizza, Stromboli, and anything else we've had here either in-house dining or as carryout. Staff very friendly and efficient.
Hildy Eppel HassmanHildy Eppel Hassman
15:58 29 Dec 21
We stopped for subs. So good. Forgot to mention how much we miss the Reisterstown location!!! The 25 minute drive is just a bit too far for us to come out to Hampstead as often as we would like. Are you planning to rebuild?

Explore Your Next Role

A woman in a black shirt using a tablet - Genova's To Go front end worker multitasking efficiently.

Front of House &

Gain valuable customer service experience and an appreciation for the importance of providing quality food services. You will help prepare Genova's to Go orders, ensure accuracy, and work closely with the team to ensure the store runs smoothly.

A woman in a black shirt, Genova's To Go back end worker, talking on the phone.

Back of House

Effectively manage and delegate tasks in a busy kitchen environment. Develop your problem-solving skills by quickly acting and making decisions on the spot. Moreover, work with different types of people and develop better communication skills with coworkers.

Three women in black shirts, Genova's To Go managers, standing in a pizza kitchen, preparing delicious pizzas.


A career in management at Genova's to Go will teach you so much about what it takes to run a successful business. Additionally, you'll learn how important customer service and a welcoming atmosphere is for a business to succeed.

History of the Genova's To Go Hampstead Location

Our original Hampstead location in Maryland opened in 1978. In 2011, we closed the Hampstead location and moved to Reisterstown. In January of 2015, we reopened our original Hampstead location, and it seemed like we never closed!

Hampstead will always be the first location in Maryland, and how our roots began in Carroll County.

Genova’s To Go Hampstead has the options to eat-in, carryout, and deliver your authentic Italian food and pizza. This store hosts many “Skip the Kitchen Nights” for local elementary schools, making this a popular spot for families.

Although there is no longer a high school in Hampstead our store still features the North Carroll Panthers!

Our Hampstead location is currently expanding to accommodate growth. Although we will not be adding more tables, we are expanding the back-of-house operations to ensure the store runs smoother and more efficiently, focusing heavily on our customers’ experience.

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